BBQ Skewers Recipes - Great Food for Sharing

Skewers or kabobs are great for get-togethers. They're easy to handle, kids usually love them, plus there are so many that it's pretty easy to grill up several varieties so that everyone has something tasty to munch on. Serve them up with some cool drinks, maybe a couple of salads and some fresh in-season fruit, and everyone will be happy.

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Remember to plan ahead if you need to marinate anything. Buy lots of skewers and soak wood or bamboo skewers in water, ideally for at least an hour before putting them on the grill (this helps to make sure they don't burn). We've found that the meat & seafood skewers are usually much more in demand than the veggie ones, so we usually make more of them.

BBQ Garlic Prawns Recipe

A lemony, garlicky, skewer of yumminess. Make lots!

Grilled Tofu

Tofu? Tofu? We're kidding, right? No, really, these can be pretty tasty - crispy outside, tender inside, lots of flavour. It takes some time to prepare the tofu first so leave yourself plenty of time before the party.

BBQ Meat Kebabs

A pure meat skewer! Ground beef and seasonings are mixed together and pressed onto the skewers. Think of it as a beef-sausage-on-a-stick, only much tastier and with great grilled flavor. We make these all the time and they are almost always the first thing to disappear.

Barbecue Lamb Skewers

Delicious and fragrant... plus lamb is a meat that many don't get to try that often. The meat is alternately threaded onto the skewers with veggies, so the result is very colourful and tempting.

Grilled Veggie Skewers

These are so simple to make, and grilled vegetables taste great. Use whatever vegetables you like - it's great if you can pick a bunch with lots of colour since it looks so much more appetizing than having a mono-colour. Use button mushrooms (or cut a portobello into chunks), peppers, eggplant, onions, whatever you like. For extra flavour, toss the veggies first with fresh minced garlic, a bit of lemon juice, and seasonings, before threading them onto the skewer.

Barbecue salmon skewers are popular too, but we haven't yet posted a recipe for those (so far, we're pretty happy with grilling whole salmon, or salmon fillets or steaks - check out our tips for great grilled salmon).

Skewers are probably usually served as BBQ appetizers, but we eat them as meals too. Add some fresh BBQ corn and a couple of side dishes, and the skewers serve as a great main course. If you're serving up a whole bunch of people, also check out our BBQ ideas for suggestions on how to put together a great backyard barbecue party.



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