BBQ Corn: The Basics

Corn on the cob is so delicious on the grill. It's easy to prepare, doesn't take long to cook, and it's always popular served with fresh butter. It's a perfect side dish to go with all sorts of grilled goodies, and in the summer it's plentiful and easy to find. Here's how to turn out great BBQ corn.

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Choosing Corn

Ideally, select ears of corn that are just picked and ripe - if you have your own garden, that's perfect! Farmers' markets are also good places for this. You want corn that still has the husks on. The husks should be bright green and wrapped snugly around the corn. Choose ears that feel nice and heavy.

Preparing the Corn for the BBQ

Corn can dry out on the grill, so to help keep it moist we can do two things. First, carefully peel back the husk -- but don't remove it! -- and remove the silk. Pull the husk back over the corn. Second, soak the entire cob of corn in cold water for about 20 minutes. This will help give the corn extra moisture for when it's on the grill.

Another option: if you really don't want to deal with the husk, then get rid of it. Go ahead and soak the corn afterwards.

Grilling the Corn

If you have the husk on: take the corn out of the water and give it a good shake to remove excess water. Peel back the husk and add a small amount of olive oil or butter to the corn, then sprinkle with salt & pepper or any seasonings you like. Cover the corn again with the husk, tie it closed with shred of husk, and then barbecue for about 20-25 minutes on medium heat, turning often to make sure each side doesn't brown too much. It's done when it's tender (but not mushy!).

If the husk is off: add a small amount of olive oil or butter to the corn and sprinkle with whatever seasonings you want. Roll the corn in tinfoil so that it is completely covered. Barbecue for about 20-25 minutes on medium heat, turning often. Wait a few minutes for the corn to cool after taking it off the BBQ - and be careful when unwrapping, it's hot! Corn should be tender but not mushy when it's done.

Our favorite is to mix up a nice garlic herbed butter and add it to the corn just before barbecuing.

That's all there is to great BBQ corn! Serve immediately with fresh butter for a wonderful summer indulgence. Look up more side dishes for BBQ, or other BBQ recipes.



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