BBQ 'How To' Tips

A good store of 'BBQ How To' tips is a must for every barbecue enthusiast. While there's no need to have vast encyclopedias of knowledge about everything BBQ, knowing the basics will make the outdoor cooking experience easier and much more fun. Check out these BBQ tips to get you started.

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  • How to Grill - a basic overview of how to use a charcoal BBQ, for the very beginner.

  • Grilling Charcoal - the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of charcoal (the traditional and popular briquette, vs. less common natural lump charcoal).

  • Barbecue Grate - information on how to care for, clean, and maintain your cooking grates. A good cooking grate makes a big difference in the ease of barbecuing food.

  • Barbecue Mat - no need to live with a deck that's spattered with grease and ash!

  • BBQ Thermometers - an essential tool for every cook. Make sure your food is thoroughly cooked and safe to eat.

  • BBQ wood - a description of the many flavors of wood chips that can be used for adding extra smoke flavor to barbecued foods.

  • How to Bake a Potato in the BBQ - baked potatoes are a popular side dish, and knowing how to do them in the barbecue is a handy bit of know-how.

  • BBQ Corn - another staple of the outdoor cookout! Learn how to barbecue corn with and without the husk on.

  • BBQ Ideas - who wouldn't love to get together with friends and family for an outdoor cookout? Some ideas for these gatherings that focus on great food but also on not overwhelming the cook -- after all, the point is to enjoy the time with friends!

This basic set of BBQ How-To tips will help you get a good start. Feel free to browse our site for more tips and lots of delicious recipes for BBQ beef, pork, chicken, salmon, and seafood ... plus side dishes and appetizers too.



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