Choosing a Barbecue Mat

A is an easy way to help protect your patio or deck from liquids and grease that can drip from your BBQ. They're usually fairly affordable and can save you the hassles of trying to scrub off stains.

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When looking for barbecue grill mats, consider:


  • Is the mat meant for charcoal or gas grills? Charcoal barbecue mats are meant to withstand hot bits of charcoal dropping onto them.

  • Is the mat easily cleanable? Ideally you want something that can be hosed off or thrown in the washer.

  • Light-duty or heavy-duty? Light mats may be cheaper, but once upon a time we had one that ended up stuck to our patio (we had to scrape it off with a shovel!).

  • Is there a non-slip backing?

  • Is the backing waterproof? A waterproof backing will also prevent liquids from seeping through and staining the deck/patio underneath the mat.

  • What size is it? Ideally you want it large enough to cover the entire base of the BBQ and then some.

A barbecue mat is a cheap investment that can make clean-up so much easier. Check out more .



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