Charcoal Grill Covers for Your BBQ

help to protect your barbecue from the elements. Rain, wind, hail, dust, and other stuff can damage the BBQ or cause it to rust. A cover is an easy way to help prevent this. It's one of several useful accessories for your BBQ, and not just something to make it look pretty when the barbecue's not in use.

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When choosing a cover for your charcoal grill, look for one that has:

  • Easy-to-use velcro straps to hold the cover in place - especially handy if you live in a windy place!

  • No vents, or property situated vents that help prevent condensation. If the cover has vents, make sure they're not situated in a location where rain get drip onto parts of the barbecue that might get damaged (eg. metal parts can rust). Some covers with vents also have flaps that cover them, that prevent rain from getting in.

  • Sturdy stitching. Seams that separate easily won't do your BBQ any good. Ideally, the cover would not have any seams on the top (where rain could easily drip in).

  • Durable material. Prolonged exposure to the sun, wind, rain, and snow can not only fade the material, but also cause it to weaken, rip or tear.

  • Low maintenance & easy to clean.

We have friends who don't want to spend the money on a cover, so they wrapped their BBQ in heavy-duty plastic, stapled at various points to make it "fit" the grill. Sure, it works (mostly, at least), but it is ugly - and it's also not easy to remove when they want to use the grill again, and putting it back on is a pain. So we figure that a charcoal grill cover is a small but worthwhile investment for protecting the barbecue.



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