Can I Use Aluminum Parts in My BBQ?

The answer to the question, Can I Use Aluminum Parts in My BBQ? is short and sweet: yes. And, in fact, there are even buy an aluminum charcoal grill if you so choose! Yes, that's a whole, entire barbecue grill made from aluminum, made to maximize heat radiation.

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Some of the aluminum parts available include:

  • aluminum cooking grates and BBQ griddles, which some people use as replacement grates. Why use aluminum? It heats more evenly, food doesn't tend to burn, and the grate doesn't rust.

  • Aluminum grill liners, which are placed on top of the cooking grate to keep it clean (or, in a pinch, to cover up a dirty grate which you don't feel like cleaning at the moment!).

  • Aluminum grill bags - heavy-duty bags that you can use for easy cooking. We sometimes use these to cook veggies, just throwing them in and sealing it up, then placing the bag on the grill to cook. Easy-peasy!

  • Aluminum ash scoops and other various tools. No rust!

There's also cast aluminum - it's generally easier to clean than stainless steel and it's also rust-resistant.

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