Why Use a BBQ Fish Grill Basket?

The taste of freshly barbecued fish is a real treat. Fish fillets, with their delicate texture, can present the chef with the challenge of making sure that pieces don't fall through the cooking grate. That's where a BBQ fish grill basket comes in.

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A fish basket is a common barbecue accessory. Basically, the fish is put in between two grates, which are designed to close together to form a sort of "basket". It holds the fish securely inside, and serves several purposes:

  • Prevents fish from falling into the coals. As fish cooks, the flesh becomes flaky. Now this is okay if you're BBQing a piece of fish with the skin on, as the skin helps to keep everything together. Fillets, though, tend to be delicate and can easily flake apart especially as you try to turn them. Many of us have woefully watched tasty morsels of barbecued fish fall through the grate and into the fire!

  • Makes turning the fish a snap. Flipping a piece on the BBQ is a delicate operation... and many a chef has had fish fall apart while attempting to flip it on the grill. With a fish grill basket, all you do is grab the handle and flip the entire basket, fish securely inside. Easy. A good pair of BBQ gloves wll protect your skin from the heat of the grill.

  • Helps to keep the fish moist by reducing the amount of time you spend fiddling with the fish. The grill basket makes it much easier to handle the fish (rather than standing at the barbecue for several minutes, the lid up, trying to turn the fish or unstick it from the grate). Keeping the cover down helps to both keep the fish moist as well as encourage that good smoky flavor (if you're using wood chips or planks).

A BBQ fish grill basket is a convenient tool for every barbecue chef. While you don't have to use one, it makes barbecuing fish a lot easier (and we've found that we grill fish more often as a result - there's no better summertime treat than freshly-caught, grilled fish!). Look up more BBQ tips or check out some great BBQ seafood recipes.



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