How to BBQ - Barbecue Recipes for the Charcoal Grill

There's nothing quite like a good barbecue meal. Learning is a skill that takes time, practice, and a love of great food! Since there are so many types of grills out there, this site is dedicated to the love of charcoal grilling. We personally BBQ with a Kamado-style outdoor cooker (the Big Green Egg) and offer delicious that we've tried on this wonderful grill.

Don't worry if you're new to barbecuing... even people who don't normally like to cook often enjoy grilling - there's just something about cooking outdoors, with the smell of roasting meat and veggies, that makes the BBQ more fun than cooking indoors with the oven or stovetop. Basic grilling is also not hard... you can experiment with different flavors and make your own marinades and rubs, or just buy some - and if it's missing that little extra, you can add your own seasonings to taste.

This collection of BBQ grill recipes covers a lot of the favorites. These recipes will help you make delicious barbecued beef, chicken, pork and ribs, salmon and seafood. And because great side dishes can really complement the taste of the meal as a whole, we're also including BBQ side dish recipes for potatoes and salads. There are even appetizer recipes if you feel like going the extra mile!

And finally, there are sauce and marinade recipes ... because sometimes it's the marinades that can make the difference between 'good' and 'mouthwatering'! In the mood for a dry rub instead? We have those too!

There are also lots of grilling tips, just in case you find yourself needing a little extra help.

We hope that you will use and enjoy the barbecue tips and recipes on BBQ Grilling Guide. Bon appetit!


This website offers tips on how to BBQ as well as some of our favorite barbecue recipes. We barbecue with a charcoal grill in an outdoor kamado-style cooker called The Big Green Egg. We love food and we love the grill, and hope you enjoy our recipes!


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